Tion 807 Airship brooch

My interest in Star Wars goes back to the first showing of the original movie at a theater in Albany, NY.  My whole family, including infant son Mike, watched in amazement from the front row.

So, in the 1990’s, when I was offered the opportunity to make original sculptings of Star Wars ships for licensed product by Rawcliffe Pewter, I jumped at the chance.  One of the ships that I made was the Tie Bomber.  

Part of my process is to make originals for parts that appear more than once on a piece, first.  Then have castings made of the part original and use those castings to help construct the complete original.  I always had left over parts.  I used one of those parts (NOT used on the licensed product) as the central detail on this Airship.

Tion 807_Airship_brooch1©

I named the airship “Tion” as a nod to the Star Wars “twin ion” the engine type that gave the Tie Bomber it’s first name; and 807 for the Rawcliffe Pewter style number assigned to their Tie Bomber pewter miniature.


This brooch is about 3 ½  inches long x 2 inches high and in deep.  It is made of pewter and brass with a nickel silver bar pin back.  The propeller spins!

Tion 807_Airship_brooch3_aft©

It comes with a frame that is 9 x 7 inches.

Tion 807_Airship_brooch4FRAME©