“The Hawking” time drive rocket ship sculpture – brooch

I have long been a fan of sci fi rocket ship design, especially early designs. This sculpture-brooch is my most recent interpretation of the subject. What fun it is to imagine being propelled into space BY time!

I completed this piece on March 14, 2018, the day that Stephen Hawking died.  In his honor I named it “The Hawking.”


It is made of pewter, brass and copper.  It measures about 3 1/2 in high x 1 7/8 in wide x 1/2 in deep.  This piece has one moving part, the door opens.

In homage to retro sci fi, and Buck Rodgers in particular, I created this annotated image of “The Hawking” like the classic annotated illustration of Buck’s ship “The Satellite.”



“The Hawking” is available with a frame.  The frame measures 8in x 6in.TheHawking_5FRAME