the Buccaneer III

The third in my series of Buccaneer Airship brooches.  Buccaneer III has 3 smoke stacks, 3 propeller shafts and 3 propellers that spin.  It also has a cannon that elevates and rotates.


With a keen eye towards artistic composition I have arranged the smoke stacks so that the eye travels down and back on an angle where it meets the propellers, which are also arranged on a downward angle where the eye encounters the dynamic shape of the fins then the curve of the body, the forward thrust of the cannon and finally the narrow pointed front all leading to a feeling of motion.


The design also includes lots of detailing in the Steampunk style adding interest and fun for the viewer.  Speak of fun, this piece has 5 moving parts.  The 3 propellers spin, the cannon mount rotates right & left and the cannon barrel elevates!



I made this brooch from 32 individually hand crafted pieces of metal, 4 castings of parts I had previously hand crafted and a factory made bar pin back.  It required 32 individual soldering operations to put the pieces together.

The materials are: pewter, brass, copper and nickel silver.

This brooch measures about 2 3/8 in (6 cm) x 1 3/8 in (3.5 cm) x 1/2 in (2.3 cm).