’62 Corvette II brooch

This is my second re-imagining of the classic ’62 Corvette as a steampowered vehicle.  The ’62 is unique among Corvette stylings; it featured rounded front fenders like earlier Corvette models AND it has a “flat” back deck like the Corvette Stingray (the Stingray was introduced the next year.)  This makes it uniquely well suited for me to re-imagine with a steam boiler on the rear deck.62 Corvette II_1©

This brooch is 3 3/8 inches (8.5 cm) long x 1 5/16 inch (3.3cm) high and just under 1/2 in (1.2cm) deep.  It has 4 moving parts: the door opens/closes, the steering wheel turns and both wheels turn.  This brooch is made of pewter, brass, sterling silver and nickel silver.

62 Corvette II_3_FRAME©

This brooch comes with the frame shown above, so that it may be displayed when not being worn.  The frame measures 8 1/2 in (21.5 cm) x 6 1/2 in (16.6 cm).

62 Corvette II_2_DOOR_OPEN©